Is Petro Oil the Cheapest Oil Price on Long Island?

Posted on: August 16th, 2016 by Oil Prices

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So you’re looking for a company to supply you with fuel oil and that’s definitely understandable considering the days of summer will soon be a distant memory and the cold weather will be rolling in. How you choose to adapt to this will be up to you, but you need to make sure you have a good crude oil company on your side. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, especially if you’ve moved into a new house then understand that in many cases fuel oil is used to heat a home in lieu of electricity. The problem with electricity of course is that it costs 50% more than the alternative, especially in the winter. The big question we’re going to be addressing today is Petro oil the cheapest oil price on Long Island? It’s going to take a little bit of work to answer that question but we feel you’ll be pretty satisfied.

Is Petro Oil the Cheapest Oil on Long Island

What’s the Best Discount Fuel Oil on Long Island?


Petro is a company that offers a number of different services which include plumbing, generator maintenance, and of course fuel oil. As with most other companies they will be glad to fill your tank regardless of the weather which can be very useful when you’re in a tight spot. After all, no one likes losing power in the middle of the night especially if its ten degrees outside – that’s where you need a company that is actually going to come through.

Tied in with the 24/7 emergency services Petro offers the following:

  • Payment Plans for Heating Service and Oil
  • Deliver Services for Propane
  • Special Offers
  • Service Plans
  • Repair/Installation Services

Why is Petro Oil So Expensive

With all of that you can see how Petro Oil might be a great value but is it really the best value when compared to other oil companies on Long Island? It all comes down to the plans that they are offering their customers actually. First you have the variable plan which fluctuates with market conditions and offers no price protection. The fixed plan requires a one year commitment to the company, though oil prices stay the same for every delivery no matter what. Then of course you have the Petro ceiling plan which moves up and down depending on the market but has a better rate. Keep in mind that this one also requires a one year commitment with a stiff termination fee.

Now with these things in mind, are the fuel oil prices Petro offers really worth it? The price of oil is constantly changing, so on the ceiling plan you could find yourself paying quite a bit and while you are locked into the contract there is little to nothing you can do. We on the other hand offer a COD deliver service that ensures you are not stuck in a contract and you’re free to move on to any other provider you wish at any time. That being said, yes, it’s not a bad deal, but COD Oil from Oil Prices Long Island is much more flexible and will definitely cost you less in the long run.

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