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Why Oil Supply Data Effects Oil Companies on Long Island

Posted on: September 26th, 2016 by Oil Prices

There are few things that affect the price of crude oil more than rumors, and right now, prices are dropping significantly as a direct result of higher storage volumes and of course the OPEN rumors. After a report from the US Energy Information Administration earlier, oil prices at oil companies on Long Island began to fall while data showed clearly that US crude oil inventories were moving steadily past a record level. Another factor that ushered in this change was the decline in demand, which can partially be blamed on more energy efficient automobile solutions.

It is no secret that auto makers are attempting to create more efficient vehicles that ultimately use less fuel even on longer trips, which means fewer people stopping for gas on their trek to work or during a night on the town. Supply and demand are at it again, and the massive changes to the industry have definitely changed the level of demand.

Oil Companies on Long Island

Oil Companies on Long Island May See the Tables Turned

Yes, there is definitely an increasing gap between supply and demand that is causing some serious changes in the oil industry. For example, you may have noticed that this year, crude oil prices actually dropped below $30 per barrel which is pretty unprecedented considering the state of the economy right now. Some of the other companies experiencing fluctuations include Brent, West Texas Intermediate, and several others, one of which are happy about the current conditions.

The markets began their decline on Tuesday, but they did make quite the rebound, moving up by more than a full percent, which was definitely better than expected. Despite this, Anthony Starkey, Platts manager states that any real relief for the market is a long way off.

The Effects on Home Heating Oil Companies on Long Island

There are many other effects that will have a great impact on the heating oil companies in Long Island, one of which would be the low pressure tropical store moving toward Florida and subsequently the Gulf of Mexico. If this low pressure system evolves into a tropical storm, it could easily shelve all crude oil production in the area, though as of right now, it seems to be at a standstill. In any case, it could directly affect the costs incurred by home heating oil companies on Long Island in both the long and short term.

From the Barrel to the Customer – The Prices of Oil Companies in Long Island New York

The cost of oil is impacted by many different factors – even the fuel oil that is consistently used by home owners in the winter months. Keeping your house warm during this time is important, and making sure that you have the right company supplying you at the right price is important. Keep in mind that there are indeed many companies out there that tend to take advantage of higher prices to gouge customers and make a tidy profit – choose the right oil company for your needs and make sure they’re on the level. You’ll thank yourself later.

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