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Long Islands Cheapest Oil Prices – Who to Choose

Posted on: August 18th, 2017 by Oil Prices

When you’re trying to keep your home heated during the winter months, finding out who has the cheapest oil can be a difficult endeavor, especially on Long Island where heating oil is in such high demand. Did you know that New York is actually able to boast the greatest consumption of fuel oil in the continental United States? So here’s the big question: how do you find cheap home oil prices on Long Island?

Long Island Heating Oil Prices

Understanding the Way the Cheapest Oil Price

There are many reasons for the fluctuation in long island oil prices, but when it comes right down to it, you’re looking at environmental factors. Often it is a matter of supply and demand, meaning the less oil in circulation, the more money you’re going to be paying. There are a few other factors that pay into it with one of them being the type of company that you want to purchase your fuel oil from.

Full-Service CompaniesThese types of companies offer more than just fuel oil – they offer service for your unit and even replacement parts. It is also not uncommon for these companies to offer 24-hour service which gives you peace of mind, knowing that your unit can be repaired any time, day or night.

COD CompaniesCOD stands for Cash on Delivery and it is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of paying a subscription, you will be paying cheap home oil prices on long island each time you need to refill your tank. If you find that you don’t use the fuel oil a lot, then this might be a great option, and it’s also a great way to obtain discount oil.

Why Choose COD Companies?

Cheap Long Island Heating Oil PricesOne of the chief differences we noted between a COD company and a full-service company is the level of service that you will be getting. In all honesty, if you choose to pay for a full-service company you’re paying for their technicians, you’re paying for parts, and you’re paying for the convenience of having their techs at your beck and call 24/7, 365. If you don’t need that, then it might be a good idea to go with the company that simply supplies the fuel oil.

As far as comparing prices goes, the cost of discount oil and cheap heating oil fluctuates constantly with the market. The changes can be predicted, and it is important to jump on them when they are at their lowest.

To put it simply, the COD oil company is going to be the cheapest option simply because you won’t end up stuck on the fixed price that many full-service companies offer. You will be able to shop around, find the lowest price, and use it to your advantage. It’ll feel great to not be stuck in a contract, and getting the fuel oil you need makes it well worth it.

The bottom line here is that you simply need to shop around and you’ll find exactly what you need without all of the frills that come with full-service oil companies. Stay warm, and most importantly, keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.


Will OPEC Rumors Effect Long Island Oil Prices?

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by Oil Prices

Rumors have always affected stock prices – perhaps more so than we would really like to admit but the question lingering in everyone’s mind right now is whether or not the current OPEC rumors are actually going to affect Long Island oil prices. It’s not a bad question, after all, you want to know how much it’s going to cost to fill up your tank – any tank for that matter. There are quite a few out there who are wondering where to put their money, especially when it comes to investments, and Brent Prices are actually above $50 per barrel again which will definitely bring some raised prices to Long Island shores, and there are definitely a few other factors to consider.

A Hike in Long Island Oil Prices?

As of right now, a September meeting between OPEC and non-OPEC members is scheduled and they’ll be talking about a potential production cut, with both Russian and Saudi sources stating that they will take any action necessary to bring balance back to the industry. While they might be saying such things, there is the fact that the Saudis have actually pushed their production to 10.9 million barrels per day, which is actually the highest it’s ever been. To put it lightly, this is actually a pretty aggressive move, and it is one that could indicate further aggressive action down the line. In other words, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the Saudis were rushing to grab more of a market share and take advantage of the situation.

Long Island Oil Prices

Heating Oil Prices Long Island – Don’t Count Them Out Just Yet

If you’ve read this far then there is a good chance you’re looking at your fuel oil heating system and wondering just how much it would cost to convert the entire thing to electric. Well, that’s not a bad question actually, but we’re here to say that you shouldn’t count fuel oil out just yet. Is OPEC going to become the gatekeeper for all oil eventually? Probably yes, but there are many things that have to happen in the meantime. The first, and most important is the complete and total destruction of all United States oil resources along with all of the other producers in the world. We may not be on top, but we’re not quite dead yet – that’s for sure.

There are actually quite a few oil companies out there that seem to be operating in the red, especially on US soil, but they continue to operate as normal. So the ultimate question will be how this all effects the oil prices in Long Island in the meantime, and it’s on everyone’s mind.

The Effect on Oil Companies in Long Island

In the short term, the oil prices are probably going to rise a bit but that’s actually nothing new – it happens sometimes, in other words. That being said, you should indeed prepare to tighten your expenditures for a bit, unless you have disposable income. The good news is that all of this is bound to even out in the long term. So no, oil will definitely be taking a hike, but it won’t be draining your bank account.

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