Oil Rig Count Doesn’t Effect COD Oil Prices on Long Island

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by Oil Prices

Oil rigs have become more prominent around many parts of the United States. In recent time the number of oil rigs in the area has been unchanged. Today there are more than 400 different oil rigs around the country that are drilling for oil. Even with all these totals, it is important to know that COD oils prices on Long Island are not going to go up just because of the number of oil rigs coming along in the area or elsewhere around the country.

COD Oil Prices on Long Island

What Trends Are There In Oil Prices?

Over the years, COD oil prices on Long Island have been rather varied. The values have been close to two dollars per gallon throughout many of the past few years. This comes as there are plenty of oil rigs out there that are looking for oil in Long Island and other places, thus helping to get supplies ready.

Needless to say, COD fuel oil in Long Island has become more expensive in recent time as it was closer to one dollar per gallon in the 1990s. The value has been on a steady rise as inflation rolls along although it is also clear that the potential for oil prices to really experience a dramatic shift may not be as likely as what many others might expect in the near future.

International Demand Makes a Bigger Deal

An important consideration about oil prices comes from how international demand might make for more of a difference when it comes to how much it costs for oil. This especially comes as other countries are aiming to find more oil and to use it for their own heating needs. Many rigs around the United States are doing what they can to try and get more oil. This could certainly make a bigger impact on oil costs although whether other entities in Long Island are going to feel an impact over this is unclear.

How About COD Oil Delivery?

COD fuel oil in Long IslandThe process of COD oil delivery on Long Island will not necessarily impact oil prices either. If anything, it should be easier for oil to be delivered to more parts of Long Island when resources are plentiful. The convenience of oil delivery will be easier for people to benefit from when this is all considered.

What About Special Offers?

The changes in oil rigs will not impact any special offers that oil delivery providers have in Long Island. Many of the special deals that are available are through these oil delivery providers are typically offered as promotional deals without much of a regard for the prices that are listed. Therefore, it should not be too hard for people to continue to find strong deals on many of the oil products and services that have been made available in the area.


The potential for COD oil prices to be impacted in Long Island as a result of various oil rigs in the area will be minimal. While oil rigs are opening up regularly, there is not much of a concern over how oil will be made available to more people in the long run.


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