Heating Oil Long Island

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by Oil Prices

What To Know About Heating Oil Long Island


Are you concerned about the prices and supply of heating oil Long Island this winter? If so, it is never too early to begin planning for your delivery. You have plenty of choices for your fuel deliveries on the Island, but it might take some shopping to be sure you get the right plan for your own needs.

Heating Oil Long Island

Home Heating Oil Choices In the Long Island Area

Did you know that hundreds of different fuel oil delivery services are active in the area? Your first choice will be to decide how you want to purchase your fuel.

Full Service: Some services are considered “Full Service” companies. They might offer you a contract for the season. This contract usually includes regularly scheduled deliveries, routine heating systems maintenance, and even emergency service. You may even be offered credit for deliveries. In other words, you will simply pay a regular monthly bill for your contract. They might even have the staff to install new heating systems, perform major repairs, etc. In other words, this type of company has all the services you might associate with heating your home.

Discount Suppliers: Other companies are called “Discount Suppliers.” They usually do not offer other services, or require any type of contract. They will simply show up and make a delivery of home heating oil. This is usually done on a cash-on-delivery basis. Your delivery has to be paid for upfront before you get it. While these companies simply offer fuel delivery, and no other services, they may be cheaper than a full service company.

Heating Oil Long Island

Which Heating Oil Long Island Service Is Best?

The most important thing is to deal with a reliable company who will show up when you need to get fuel delivered. You have to decide if price or convenience are more important to you too. Many Long Island families find it more convenient to simply rely upon a contracted service. This way they can be sure they will get a regular delivery, maintenance, and even emergency services. Getting a bill to pay each month, instead of having to be there to pay the truck driver one lump sum, can also be a lot more convenient. Others would rather shop around for the best prices. These people are fine with handling their own heater services, and they really just want to be sure that they can get a good price and a fuel delivery when they need it. These families do have a good opportunity to shop around for the best prices when they have a COD arrangement. It is true that you will be more likely to get a better price with a COD company. By unbundling services, customers are free to shop around for oil prices and various heater services.

On the other hand, you might be able to use less fuel if your home heating system is well maintained, and a full service company can help you with that. If there ever is a fuel shortage, contracted customers will also get priority service and deliveries. The right heating oil Long Island company is really a personal choice.  Give us a call today and we’ll get you the lowest price available.

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