Finding the Best Full Service Oil Companies on Long Island

Posted on: November 10th, 2016 by Oil Prices

With more than 200 fuel oil companies currently offering their services on long island, it’s no surprise that so many people have trouble choosing, and you might be among them. Maybe you’re making a change, or maybe you’ve moved to a new residence and are hoping to start service. Your circumstances aside you must find a company that meets the following requirements:

  • Reasonable Prices
  • Uninterrupted Delivery
  • Offers Maintenance for Unit

The second point here is negotiable as there are many who will be more apt to choose a fuel oil company that delivers COD oil or on an ‘as needed’ basis with service contracted separately; as the homeowner, it’s your decision. For the duration of this article we will operate under the assumption that you are in the market for full service oil companies on Long Island. As you search for the perfect oil delivery companies in Long Island you need to consider the terms of the service agreement, the customer service record, and of course the type of company it happens to be.

full service oil companies on Long Island

A Look at the Type of Oil Delivery Companies in Long Island

Full ServiceThese types of fuel oil companies are going to be a bit more expensive as they offer far more than just fuel oil to the customer. Along with their primary service they provide automatic deliveries, service for customers, emergency service, maintenance, new equipment installation and multiple plans. It’s the full package and it is suitable for most in the Long Island area.

DiscountThere are two reasons for you to consider a discount oil delivery service rather than a full-service oil company:

  1. You are on a tight budget and simply need to operate your gas-powered appliances or warm your home during the cold months.
  2. You are already contracting for repairs with another company and simply need a fuel oil provider.

Most discounters do not offer to maintain the heating unit or perform any other services, which is why they can provide their customers with lower prices than the full-service companies. They use a ‘Cash on Delivery’ method where you will pay per delivery rather than monthly. In the end, for most residential home owners, the full-service contract will be superior as it provides a much broader range of features for the individual.

Finding the Best Oil Delivery Company on LI

The first step is figuring out the Long Island fuel oil prices which entails calling the Heat and Oil institute or checking the daily average oil prices which are based on information from the Journal of Commerce. Additionally, periodic surveys are taken by the State Energy Office.

The next step in finding the right companies in Long Island Suffolk County will involve looking at the type of system you have in your home and determining which of the available companies can service it best. For example, you might have a hot water / hydronic heating system which is the most common type on Long Island. Whether it’s hot water or hydronic, both make sue of a burner which atomizes oil, producing a flame that heats the water, ultimately heating air which is circulated through the furnace. The lesser used type is the forced air heating system which behaves much like a typical air conditioning unit. Only 15% of the home on Long Island utilize this type of system.
Choosing the right oil delivery companies in Long Island will involve some investigative work on your part, but in the end, it’s going to be well worth it, especially if you get the best deal at the right price. Stay warm this winter!

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